Here are a few common questions customers ask about our products, please contact us here if you have any questions that are not listed below.

Our products are shipped via UPS or Fedex in boxes and insulation that are curbside recyclable.

Yes! Although our slices are not certified by the non-GMO project as non-GMO, we use all non-GMO ingredients. We're working on getting our certification but it just takes time :)

We care about what we put in our slices and source the best produce we can from farms across the US that are harvested at peak freshness. Unlike other plant-based brands, we source whole ingredients and stray away from flours and powders.


Our plant based deli slices must be refrigerated and used within 50 days. Once package is opened, we recommend consuming within 10 days.


If have purchased for future consumption, you may freeze our slices for up to 6 months.  Once thawed please consume within 7 days.

We ship orders each week on Tuesdays, so you can expect delivery up to three days after it ships depending on your location.

Natural flavorings are exactly that – 100% natural. They are derived from botanical sources like vegetables, fruits, and spices. Rest assured there are no chemicals, animal products, MSG, or artificial ingredients used in any of our products.